Russell Brand Channeled by Jimmy Fallon–Priceless!

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Jimmy Fallon channeled Russell Brand on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Friday night, and it was priceless. Nearly all the late night talk show hosts have weighed in on the Katy Perry and Russell Brand split, but Fallon’s impersonation definitely takes the cake.

According to a report from Celebuzz, Jimmy Fallon sported skin-tight leather pants and a long, curly wig in his effort to depict Brand. His impersonation–complete with British accent–was dead-on, and the crowd went wild with laughter and applause.

Thank You Notes - Jimmy FallonAs part of his impersonation, Fallon depicted Brand as he perused an issue of OK Magazine. The sketch found Katy Perry’s soon to be ex-husband flipping through the pages, wrought with angst over how he had been portrayed most unfairly in the text.

If you didn’t happen to catch Jimmy Fallon’s impersonation of Russell Brand on Friday night, you can catch the video clip by clicking here. But sit down first. You could either pee your pants laughing, or stumble and hit your head when your eyes fill with tears of profuse laughter. It’s an incredibly funny clip.I HATE RUSSELL BRAND!!!!

Jimmy Fallon is nothing if not one of the best impersonators around. His musical talents even allow him to flawlessly portray singers, too. His Russell Brand impersonation is definitely one of his recent best, and even Katy Perry might have a hard time ascertaining which of these men she actually married.

What do you think of Jimmy Fallon’s sketch of Brand on Friday night? Do you think he hit the Arthur actor’s persona right on the head?

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