Russell Brand Cheating on Katy Perry… Again?

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Do new photos prove that Russell Brand is cheating on Katy Perry?

Once again, Russell has been photographed looking rather comfortable with a woman who is not his wife. Just last month, the notorious womanizer was captured on camera holding hands with a blonde woman on the set of his movie, Rock of Ages. The mystery woman was rather attractive (but not quite of the same caliber as Perry). Fortunately, she turned out to be a stylist for the movie who was described as a platonic friend.

the taste of her cherry chapstick.But now, Brand has been photographed with another mystery woman. The funnyman and a brunette were spotted taking a dip and relaxing together poolside, where Brand was also caught on camera sipping on a drink that looked suspiciously like alcohol (of course it’s very hard to tell from a photo). There was also a bear-shaped bottle of honey sitting on the table next to the couple (kinky!).

MediaTakeOut posted the photos with a headline saying that Russell Brand is “busted,” but it’s impossible to determine if he’s cheating on Katy Perry with the girl in the photos — the two are never seen touching, and they don’t look like they’re all that interested in one another. The girl could simply be a fellow Rock of Ages cast member or a female friend. Then there’s always the chance that she’s the same stylist friend from the June photos sporting a new hair color (she has a similar body shape to the girl in those photos).

The recent pics come at a bad time for Katy Perry, as she’s suffering from food poisoning and already feeling miserable. And to make matters worse, tabloids are already suggesting that the couple will divorce within a few months, meaning that their marriage wouldn’t even have lasted a year.

Of course things have to be incredibly difficult for Russell Brand and Katy Perry right now. The two see each other very little because of their conflicting schedules (Katy’s on tour and Russell’s working on a movie). Plus, Perry is reportedly worried about Brand cheating, and he’s upset that she smokes and parties when he’s not around. So can this couple make it work?

They’ve really seemed sort of doomed from the start, but Katy seems to be hell-bent on proving her critics wrong by being a success when it comes to her career and her marriage. So do you think it will last, or is a divorce in the stars for this kooky couple?

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