Russell Brand Denies Divorce on ‘Ellen DeGeneres’

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Katy Perry had addressed her marriage to funnyman Russell Brand before he made a statement on the matter. But he appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show, and he took the rumor with humor and a laugh. Ellen addressed the rumor and he yelled in shock, “What!? She should have told me,” indicating that she should have told him she was leaving him behind. However, with such a great humor, it is clear to see why Katy would be smiling every day.

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Hopefully, Russell’s comment, “I’m really happily married” will put all rumors to rest. It seems that Katy and Russell Brand are actually one of the happier couples in Hollywood. With her witty personality and his constant jokes, they’re possibly the couple that laughs the most.

To add to the denial of a divorce, Russell Brand addressed starting a family with Katy. He mentions that he does want kids and that he, of course, wants them with Katy Perry. He married until death do them part, so Katy should be ready for the long haul: kids, music and fun for the rest of her life.

What will the next rumor be? That she is pregnant with a love child?

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