Russell Brand Has Run In with the Cops

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Russell Brand has had a run in with the cops in L.A. and it looks like he didn’t emerge the winner. Katy Perry’s soon-to-be ex-husband was driving a “shiny new Land Rover,” but the cops didn’t seem to care.

According to a report from TMZ, Brand may have been trying to hide his identity from the paparazzi, but the cops found out immediately upon requesting his driver’s license exactly who he was. No dark glasses or woolen hat with a visor could keep them from recognizing his face once they saw his name printed clearly under laminated cover.

It’s uncertain exacGluing a mop to your dog's head so neighbours think it's Russell Brand.tly why the cops stopped the shiny new Land Rover. Could it be that Russell Brand was speeding? Maybe he ran a red light or failed to yield for pedestrians. Was he foolish enough to drive that shiny new Land Rover without registering it first? Regardless of what his traffic violation was, he left the scene with a citation in hand. Yes, the officer gave Russell a ticket.

Could it be the good officer is a bona fide Katy Perry fan? Maybe he’s taken sides in their recent divorce debacle? Or perhaps he’s just an honest cop trying to keep citizens safe and on the honest side themselves.

The reason for Russell Brand’s citation will no doubt wind up in the media within a day or so. Those records are pretty easy for the paparazzi to access. So what’s your guess? What did Russell do to get stopped by the cops? Will he have to go to court or will he simply need to pay a fine?

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