Russell Brand Meets Sophia Grace Brownlee: Ellen Is Working on It

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Comedian Russell Brand admitted to Ellen Degeneres on her program that both he and Katy Perry are in love with Sophia Grace Brownlee and Rosie McClelland, the dynamic duo that shot to YouTube fame with their cover of Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass. Brand also clarified that both he and the girls are from Essex in the United Kingdom. Fans of either Sophia or Brand likely already knew about that tidbit, but for those focused solely on the songstress and her hype girl, the news may have been a bit of a reveal.

During the interview, viewable on Ellen’s YouTube channel and in the video embedded below, Russell Brand says “I really love them little kids” and then offers up the following on each girl individually “there’s a little one that’s quite that I love. I bet if you spend more time talking to her she’s probably got something profound to say. But that one [indicates where Sophia would be] is so like ohmygoodohjesus [jibberish].”

When he says that he is from Essex, he states “I am from literally that place. That’s what people are like.” Ellen followed up by telling that the two of them were good examples then based on their talent.

Russell Brand also broached something that other people have probably thought though he did it in a joking manner when he said, “I know it’s wrong, but wouldn’t you use sedatives eventually….No is the answer to that rhetorical question. But its always humorous and never a suggestion.”

He also thought it would be interesting to ask her about profound things because Sophia Grace Brownlee could probably be equally animated while talking about equal rights in the workplace or Nicki Minaj. His impression at this point led Ellen to suggest that it would be really fun to have them on the show together, and she then offered to arrange it. Brand replied “I would baby-sit that kid.”

It was a really cute interview and featured Russell’s trademark style and humor. Hopefully, Ellen will be able to make the meet-up between Brand and Sophia Grace Brownlee happen sooner rather than later as it would be TV not to be missed. What do you think of the idea of the two Essex locals chit chatting on Ellen?

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