Russell Brand Missed Sleeping with Other Women

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Russell Brand revealed that he missed sleeping with other women shortly before he and Katy Perry announced their plans to divorce.

He divulged just how much he misses his promiscuous past in an interview he gave for a WTF podcast shortly before Christmas, and his raunchy revelation was certainly an indication that the comedian wasn’t happy with the way things were going with Katy.

According to Digital Spy, here’s what Brand said about missing the many women he used to surround himself with: “I’d do a gig and four or five women would come back. There were times when it wasn’t all desperate and ugly. There were times when I was this representation of pure libertarianism and sexuality. It’s so hard not to cherish them and crave them.”

So basically Russell Brand was saying that he misses his groupies and that they meant a good deal more to him than you would think. However, it also kind of sounds like these girls made him feel like a golden god, so that powerful feeling might be what he’s really missing. And if he’s all into libertarianism, perhaps he should campaign for Ron Paul now that he’s a free man – he’d probably score a few groupies amongst the doctor’s fiercely loyal followers.

During Russell’s interview, he chatted about how he handled sleeping with multiple women – one would come in; they would do the deed; and she would leave so that another girl could have her turn. However, it seems that Russell really enjoyed the “crossovers” that sometimes took place with his conquests. So maybe Katy Perry decided to divorce Russell because he was always begging her to have a threesome or something.

But even though he has a hard time resisting his old vices, Russell Brand certainly has himself figured out. Here’s what he said about his personality: “If I leave food alone, I start to think food is the answer. If I leave sex alone I think sex is the answer. Or love.”

So what he’s saying is that he started yearning for a real relationship when he was having lots of meaningless sex, but after he got into a real relationship, he started craving his promiscuous past. So will Russell return to his old ways?

It’s kind of like someone giving up all their favorite junk foods and going on a bland diet – there’s always a possibility that the dieter is going to have a major moment of weakness and binge on all the bad foods that they missed. But if Russell does give in to temptation (or if he has already given in), he also has to deal with the guilt that comes with picking up old bad habits.

So what do you think – will Russell look for love again, or will marrying Katy Perry be his last attempt at a serious relationship?

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