Russell Brand Talks Wheelchair Sex With Katy Perry and Might Marry Tom Cruise

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Russell Brand claims that he and Katy Perry had a very kinky love life that involved something he has dubbed “wheelchair porn.”

The comedian probably mortified his ex by talking to Howard Stern about their love life, revealing that it was anything but normal. Perhaps Brand has gotten into some pretty strange stuff over the years since he’s had so much sex in the past (he once suffered from sex addiction).

According to Contact Music, here’s what he told Howard about having sex with Katy:

“She was very willing to do wheelchair porn. That woman spent 90% of our marriage in a little electric wheelchair.”

If Russell Brand and Katy Perry really did have some bizarre stuff going on in the bedroom, the funnyman could always cash in on it by writing his own erotic novel styled after 50 Shades of Grey – it would be all about a young, naïve girl who makes a man change the way he views relationships and sex. But instead of letting the man tie her up and spank her, the female character would ride around on an electric wheelchair for him. Surely it would be a best seller.

Russell later indicated that his wheelchair quip was probably just a joke by saying that he has no need for porn anymore, so his new girlfriend Isabella Brewster needn’t worry about him pulling a Fred Willard anytime soon.

A source says that Russell has become pals with Tom Cruise, so the comedian better watch out – perhaps Tom has targeted Russell as a potential Scientology recruit because he sees him as vulnerable after his divorce from Katy. Russell seems to be a rather spiritual guy, which is probably seen as a plus. Or perhaps Tom just befriended him on the set of Rock of Ages and is keeping in touch because both guys are trying to recover from big breakups.

Russell has applied to officiate marriages in America, so his pals are joking that he might be the minister at Tom Cruise’s next wedding. But first Russell needs to find the actor a bride by hooking him up with one of his many lady friends. Too bad Isabella Brewster’s famous sister is already taken.

So what do you think of Russell and Tom’s bromance and Russell’s wheelchair porn claims?

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