Russell Brand to Become a Scientologist Because of Tom Cruise?

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Will Russell Brand soon embrace Scientology? If Tom Cruise has his way, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” It seems that Katie Holmes’ ex has been pushing–er–encouraging the former Mr. Katy Perry to start studying his controversial religion and becoming a member. The Rock of Ages star thinks Brand would be a perfect spokesperson for the Scientology rehab program, Narconon.

“Tom thinks Russell’s battle with alcohol and drug addiction is a way to reach out to the vulnerable,” explained an inside source.


So how is Tom the Amazing Mr. Cruise doing with his plans to recruit his co-star/new friend for the cult–er–the faith? In addition to personally proselytizing Brand, Tom has introduced his new BFF to “Hollywood studio boss Sumner Redstone.” Redstone has in turn asked Russell to serve as the master of ceremonies at a Hollywood event to help drug addicts. So far, there’s no word as to Russell Brand’s reply.

So, there you have it. Tom Cruise is trying to bring another celebrity recruit into the fold. Of course, if Tom really wants a famous drunk/junkie to MC Hollywood events and the Scientology rehab project, why not go for the gold with Charlie Sheen? And as for “saving” substance abusers, isn’t that Dr. Drew Pinsky’s raison d’etre?

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