Russell Brand Tweets a Photo of Katie Perry without Makeup!

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Russell Brand did the unthinkable. He tweeted a photo of Katy Perry bare-faced, without makeup. He quickly removed it but not before some of his million plus followers on Twitter retweeted and even snagged the photo. Yikes! ItÂ’s apparent Katy probably just woke up or was in the middle of sleeping.

Seriously, Perry looks so different. ItÂ’s like… wow, makeup indeed does wonders. Not that Katy didnÂ’t look lovely in the photo, she just looked like an Amish version of herself. A very plain Amish version of herself. There was no glam, at all, not one ounce! Photo below is the one from Russell Brand’s Twitter.

Well, it looks like this has become a lesson learned for Russell Brand. Once you put something on the Internet, thereÂ’s no way to take it back. Celebrities need to be especially weary because they are the ones who have hundreds, if not millions of eyes, on their every move. Needless to say, Katy Perry is probably not very happy with her hubby right now.

Barefaced: Russell Brand posted this picture of Katy Perry on his Twitter page, before swiftly removing it


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