Russell Brand Wins British Comedy Award, Misses Ceremony

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Russell Brand won a British Comedy Award on Saturday night. The sometimes controversial comedian was awarded the “Outstanding Contribution to Comedy” award.

Unfortunately, Brand was not on hand to receive the prize. He was unavailable, due to what The Independent referred to as “unforeseen personal reasons.” The Mirror clarified the cause of Brand’s absence, reporting that a dear friend of the comedian had recently found out that he has a brain tumor.

Brand posted this message on Twitter following the announcement of the award:

Screenshot of Russell Brand tweet via Twitter

“Thanks for my award, you beautiful British bastards. Comedy is our best defence against pain. In conjunction with medical expertise.”

Brand’s tweet has greater meaning when you consider that he is tending to an ill friend. Hopefully, Russell BrandÂ’s humor and fellowship will help his friend, as he copes with the frightening brain tumor diagnosis.

It has been said that “laughter is the best medicine,” and while a brain tumor is no laughing matter, a little levity can often help in even the direst of circumstances.

Russell Brand may not be able to offer “medical expertise” to his friend, but he can certainly provide some comedy.


Screenshot via Twitter

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