Russell Brand, Yay or Nay as 2012 MTV Movie Awards Host?

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Russell Brand hosted Sunday’s 2012 MTV Movie Awards? How would you rate him as a host? Did he serve as a fun and humorous master of ceremonies or was he boorish and rude?

Katy Perry’s ex-husband started out the evening by ranting a few too many times about the impending competition between The Hunger Games and Breaking Dawn Part 1—or Twilight, as he frequently referred to it. Of course he likely meant the franchise as a whole. And while the first couple of times it was sort of funny, itRussell Brand got old really fast.

Did you find it the least bit difficult to understand what Russell was saying? In addition to his thick British accent he speaks rather quickly, and that made it somewhat challenging—at least for the television viewing audience.

Brand was rather hilarious when he called out Charlie Sheen in the audience, and suggested he do a line of coke. While that was certainly a bit off color—it was MTV so that kind of humor is expected.

Could Russell Brand have perhaps dressed up a tad bit more? No, the 2012 MTV Movie Awards wasn’t formal like the Grammy Awards or the Academy Awards, but come on, Russell—a sleeveless t-shirt? The audience already was privy to way too much head and facial hair. Was it necessary to subject them to your armpit hair, too?

So what’s your take? Would you give Russell Brand a yay or a nay for his job as host of the 2012 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night? Weigh in with your vote in the comments section below.

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