Russell causes chaos, Tamra turns 42

This past week was a lousy one for Reality TV.  Most shows were in reruns, probably since most are aired by networks owned by NBC, which is trying (and failing) to beat “American Idol” with the Winter Olympics.  So this will be a short review this week.

On “Survivor:  Heroes vs Villains”, we saw more internal strife in both tribes.  The Heroes are divided by the James-JT-Amanda clique against Colby & Tom.  Rupert, Cirie and Candice are stuck in the middle, though siding with the JJA alliance for the moment.  That could change quickly, especially if JT’s shenanigans are exposed.

Over at Camp Villain, they continue to descend further in chaos.  Despite winning the previous Immunity Challenges, and the bonus rewards, life and loyalties there are still cheap.  More attention is being paid to Parvati and her wily ways.  Rob and Coach, who think they are running the show, warn Russell about getting to cozy with her.  This goes nowhere, leading Russell to start up with his old tricks of hiding or destroying things to create more chaos and suffering.

This is why I like Russell so much and consider the best player of The Game for all times.  The whole point of “Survivor” is to suffer through 39 days and survive.  Russell has played the social-alliance game well last season.  But his real talent is creating internal chaos within the tribal structure.  Whether he’ll get away with this for much longer depends on A) if the Villains can rebound and win challenges and B) if the induced suffering causes somebody else to snap and become more of a problem?  Coach looks like a good candidate for snapping.  I would suspect that Sandra and Russell may ally themselves to help push Coach over the edge.

On “Real Housewives of Orange County”, we begin with Vicki still moaning about events from San Francisco.  So much so, she’s retreated to her old ‘best friend-enemy’, Jeanna.  But Jeanna is too smart and recognizes that Vicki brought her troubles onto herself.  Alexis took her mom to see a plastic surgeon for a consultation.  Mom only has a budget of $18,000 and looks like she’ll get a decent face lift for her cash.  Tamra visits Lynne at her mom’s house and the two discuss their troubled marriages.

Tamra is turning 42 and begins her week of celebration with a lunch-time party with friends.  Lynne and former Housewife, Tammy, are the only attending show-pals.  The rest are other personal friends.  Conspicuously absent is Vicki, who’s office is only a few minutes away.  But so busy is Vicki that she sends an office assistant to deliver a birthday gift.  Meanwhile, Gretchen and her cosmetic partner strategize for their big biz launch.  Alexis was busy taking her mom for her surgery, after a nice lunch, first.

Lynne’s daughters ponder whether their parents will get divorced.  Briana learns that she does not have cancer, which eases Vicki’s mind.  Lynne and Frank have dinner to discuss their future.  He tries to apologize but Lynne is reluctant at first.  She seems to mellow later after a few drinks.  Gretchen’s business debut turns out to be a bust as turn out is low at the womens expo.

Tamra and Simon have a romantic birthday dinner, but it falls flat.  Simon is just too dull and nearly everything he says is an insult to Tamra.  “My friends are surprised we’re still married.”  LOL!  That ought to make Tamra feel good.  But Simon then trashes Vicki, when Tamra says Vicki has some good points.  Simon retorts that Hitler had some good points, too.  LOL!!!  “He was nice to Eva Braun and his dogs.”  OH-BOY!!!  I’m surprised he didn’t give Hitler credit for ending the Taxi-Cab Murders that occurred in Berlin, too.  He, Hitler, actually did take credit for that one.  After dinner, Tamra and Simon go on a romantic gondola ride, but even that is a waste when Simon won’t give Tamra any tongue.  Spoilers for next week’s finale show Tamra and Simon having a fight and her asking for a divorce!

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