Russian Lawmaker Flees to the U.S. Fearing Assassination

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Russian lawmaker Ashot Egiazaryan has fled to the U.S. and is considering seeking asylum. The man is afraid that he will be assassinated because he has accused very rich and influential people in Russia of swindling him in a real estate deal over the Moskva Hotel in Moscow.

Egiazaryan has been charged with financial crimes back in Russia. He no longer feels safe because he has sued a Russian billionaire along with some of his previous business partners, one of whom is a close friend of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

The Russian lawmaker said, “I do think it’s possible than an assassination attempt can be mounted against me here.” In fact, one of his own relatives was shot on December 7, and he believes that the attack was because of his lawsuit.

If Egiazaryan stays in the U.S. and is given asylum, it will be a tricky situation. If he is granted asylum it will likely anger the Kremlin. However, sending the lawmaker back would also be difficult because the legal system is so corrupt in Russia.

What a difficult situation! What do you think the Obama administration should end up doing? They should grant this man asylum in the U.S.

Russian Lawmaker Flees to the U.S. Fearing Assassination

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