Russian Man Faked His Death Before Asking His Girlfriend to Marry Him

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There have been plenty of strange marriage proposals in the past, but none of them could be as strange as Alexey Bykov’s. This man faked his death just before he asked his girlfriend, Irena Kolokov, for her hand in marriage. And she actually said yes! Well, she certainly knows how to take a joke, that’s for sure.

Bykov decided to fake his own death to find out if his girlfriend would truly be upset or not. Insecure much? He certainly went to a lot of trouble to set up the entire thing. He hired stunt men, makeup artists and actors to create a fake car crash scene. When Kolokov arrived at the scene, she saw him lying on the ground covered with blood.

“When I arrived there were mangled cars everywhere, ambulances, smoke and carnage…a paramedic told me he was dead and I just broke down in tears,” she said.

Imagine the shock on her face when Bykov stood up and asked her to marry him. She probably wanted to punch his face right there. And nobody would have blamed her for doing that.

But Kolokov eventually got over being mad and accepted his marriage proposal. He is damn lucky she did not kill him for real. This guy obviously has some self-esteem issues and played a very cruel joke on his girlfriend. If he has to fake his own death to see if his girlfriend truly loves him, he probably should not be with her in the first place.

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