Russian Sniper Blows YouTube Away (Video)

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The Russian Sniper is at it again on YouTube with some of the heaviest weaponry ever held in one man’s hands. The latest video finds the mysterious Slav firing an SRS sniper rifle at up to 1,500 meters. Head shots are pretty impressive at that range. Especially if you’re firing exploding bullets…

SRS 338 - Side view.jpgThe unnamed guy in the video begs the questions: Is he really Russian? (The accent is awful.) Is it filmed in Russia? (Water towers and hefty power lines in Minsk?) And where does he get those wonderful toys? Sorry, Batman… it’s a secret.

In TRS’ short life, he’s fired off some of the most awesome rifles and machine guns in the modern world. With a little World War 1 technology thrown in via the Browning machine gun with exploding ammo for the real killer effect.

Have a shot at the video below and get ready to be amazed. Bullseye!

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