Russian Superjet Vanishes Into Thin Air – Where Did it Go?

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The Indonesian government is scrambling to locate a missing Russian superjet which dropped off all radar Wednesday during a demonstration flight, prompting all kinds of crazy conspiracies about the plane’s whereabouts.

The Russians can ill-afford a crash of the Sukhoi Superjet 100. The civilian airplane is supposed to revitalize their flagging aviation industry, and make Russia a major player in commercial air travel. Hopefully, the journalists, business leaders, and politicians on board are OK, but it doesn’t look promising.

Search teams are scouring the mountainous region of western Indonesia, but so far nothing has been found, authorities are saying. Why is taking so long for the Indonesian government to locate the Russian superjet?

The Internet is rife with rumors about the missing aircraft, and many people are rejoicing in the Russians’ humiliation. However, whatever you may think of Vladimir Putin, or the country in general, this is not a moment to gloat. There were 44 human beings on board the Russian superjet, and they all have friends and family.

Witnesses observed the Sukhoi jet speeding toward the Galak Mountain Range, but no one heard any explosions. But, over the next day or so, the public will learn more about the strange vanishing.

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