Ryan Braun Took Performance-Enhancing Drug

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Ryan Braun tested positive for a PED and got suspended 50 games by Major League Baseball. This is really bad for Ryan Braun, the Milwaukee Brewers, and MLB, because this is the guy who just won the National League Most Valuable Player Award.

The report on Braun states that he actually failed two drug tests when MLB asked for a re-test to confirm what took place. The expected denials have already come from a spokesperson for Braun, but that has become the typical news when a baseball player gets accused of cheating.

Now it will be very interesting to see if Braun is honest about what banned substance he took, or if he will claim that he took something by accident. He isn’t the first player who has been caught cheating in baseball, but he is probably the biggest star to receive a 50-game suspension from the league.

In an offseason where the Brewers are probably going to lose first baseman Prince Fielder to free agency, missing Braun for 50 games is going to take the team right out of the running for the NL Central in 2012. For that reason, Braun should be ashamed of himself, especially because he knew back in October (before the NL MVP was announced) that he had failed the test.

What do you think about this baseball fans? Has Braun done a disservice to the Brewers and all of baseball here?

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