Ryan Dunn Crash Site Plundered by ‘Jackass’ Fans (Video)

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The stretch of Pennsylvania road Ryan Dunn crashed his Porsche along is being plundered for ghoulish mementos, and some of the treasure hunters say they will sell the trophies online.

The revelation came at the end of a video report, by the Philadelphia FOX News TV station, of the moment Dunn’s best friend, and Jackass co-star, Bam Margera, visited the scene for the first time.

On the tape Margera breaks down in tears as he describes the anguish he has felt since learning of the death of his friend and business partner.

At the end of the tape the reporter reveals that as he was preparing for the interview he saw people picking up whatever debris was lying near the spot where police hauled out Dunn’s death car.

“You should have seen these people pilfering away,” said the outraged reporter, Chris O’Donnell. He went on to say police are advising that taking wreckage from the scene is illegal, while images of several people hauling debris out of the woods, seemingly unconcerned by the warning, played on-screen.

Indeed, the Ryan Dunn eBay page is already loading up with R.I.P. memorabilia items like buttons and T-shirts. As of now, no death car parts have been offered.


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