Ryan Dunn’s Death Leaves ‘Jackass’ Co-Star Steve-O Distraught

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Ryan Dunn’s tragedy has left his Jackass co-star Steve-O far too distraught to comment on his friend’s death. He simply couldn’t make a statement after learning about the horrific crash.

According to RadarOnline, Steve-O “indicated he was too devastated to comment at this time” when a representative from RadarOnline asked him to comment on his friend’s death.

Ryan Dunn and Steve-O appeared side by side in all of the Jackass movies. Dunn is probably best known for putting a toy car inside a condom and then inserting it into his rectum. It seems that Steve-O was actually the one who was supposed to complete that nasty sounding task, but he refused to do it. Steve-O actually said at that time that his father would “disown him if he went through with it.”

It must be a horrible shock to Steve-O as well as the other members of the Jackass cast and crew to learn of Ryan Dunn’s death. When a friend is just 34 years old, most everyone expects that he will be around for a long, long time. To lose someone so unexpectedly and so tragically–without the chance to say goodbye–will likely cause all who knew Dunn to become rather introspective once they’ve dealt with the shock of his death. Isn’t it sad that it sometimes takes this kind of human tragedy to wake people up?

Nothing has been said yet about funeral plans for Ryan Dunn. It is likely that the investigation into the crash will take a bit longer. In the meantime, Steve-O remains unable to comment, and is hopefully mourning this loss with other members of the Jackass cast. Perhaps they can comfort one another in the loss of their friend.

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RIP Ryan Dunn Jackass legend

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