Ryan Gosling and ‘Today’s’ Al Roker Get Down and Dirty

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Actor Ryan Gosling and Al Roker of the Today Show were seen getting down and dirty in the middle of Rockefeller Plaza on Wednesday morning. Gosling, who is now appearing in the film Crazy, Sexy, Love along with Emma Roberts, was called a “gorgeous hunk of man candy” by Today co-host Ann Curry. Gosling felt he needed to live up to the title in Roker’s eyes.

According to the Huffington Post, Gosling used a take-off on the 1980s film Dirty Dancing to make his case–lifting Al Roker into the air outside of 30 Rock, and swirling him a la Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze in front of the crowd.

It did take Ryan Gosling a couple of tries, however, before he successfully hoisted Roker–who has actually lost tons of weight recently–up into the air.

“You really got to push up!” Gosling said.

Ann Curry may have to be very careful about how she gushes over celebrities like Ryan Gosling in the future. What if all of the Today Show guests reacted in the same manner?

“Nobody puts Ryan in the corner!” Roker yelled–but not until Ryan Gosling had landed him safely back down on the ground.

Is there a remake of Dirty Dancing in Ryan Gosling and Al Roker’s futures? Not likely. But it’s not likely that anyone will question whether Gosling is a “gorgeous hunk of man candy” again either. And he is at that. Just saying! After all, Ann Curry said it first.

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