Ryan Gosling Is Obsessed with Eva Mendes

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Ryan Gosling has become a serious actor over time, and it seems that his childish ways on Breaking High are long gone. He is now dating an older woman, Eva Mendes, and it seems that he is enjoying every minute of being in a mature and serious relationship with a woman who can appreciate arts, traveling, cultures and being exclusive.

Although there have been rumors of an engagement, it seems that Ryan is taking it slow with his new girlfriend. The couple is not engaged, but they also only started dating in August of 2011. A friend close to Ryan has dished to Life & Style about Ryan’s feelings for Eva, which should call for a rephrasing; it is not about if he proposes, but when he does it. “Ryan is obsessed — he wants to see Eva all the time. I don’t know what it is about her, but he’s into Eva hook, line, and sinker!” the source reveals.

Ryan Gosling has spoken out about his past relationships before and he speaks highly of the women in his life. In fact, he once explained that it would be hard for one girl to top his previous ex-girlfriends, because they did an amazing job. Could Eva be doing everything they did and more?

“Eva was kissing Ryan’s head and cuddling with him while they sat on the ground. You could tell that she really liked him,” the source shares of when the couple met on set. Perhaps it is just her tender loving care that got him hooked. So is she as obsessed with him as he is with her? “She’s so into the business and not a super-warm person,” the source explains. Although she is showing him attention, his family is worried.

Perhaps Ryan can convince his family that she really isn’t so LA as everyone thinks.

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