Ryan Gosling is the Favorite for ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ — Sorry, Ian Somerhalder

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Ryan Gosling is just one of the many actors whose names have been mentioned on the countless lists of stars who have the right look to play Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey. However, a recent report claims that he is the favorite for the film.

Ryan certainly knows how to charm the ladies, and just like Christian (a.k.a. “Fifty”), he has a fiercely loyal fan following. He also has sparked his fair share of internet memes just like Fifty Shades. Ryan has the “Hey Girl” thing going for him, while internet users have come up with some very interesting Fifty Shades parodies: Fifty Shades of Fey (referencing actress/comedian Tina Fey); Fifty Shades of Clay (Aiken); and Fifty Shades of Ray (Romano). Fifty Shades of Bublé would be an excellent title for Michael’s next album.

The Ryan Gosling obsession started with The Notebook, which features the kind of sigh-inducing, tear-jerking love story that ladies just can’t seem to resist watching over and over again. So Ryan obviously does romance well.

However, the love story in Fifty Shades of Grey is in a completely different realm from anything he’s done before – there are whips and chains and a Red Room of Pain, and sadomasochist billionaire Christian Grey has a ton of issues that he’s got to work through before being properly in love with Anastasia Steele.

Ryan has played a man with romance issues before — in Lars and the Real Girl, he played a man in love with a sex doll (but there was no sex involved).

If Ryan thinks he can handle all the raunchy sex scenes that the role requires, then it’s reportedly his for the taking. Or at least this is what The Sun is reporting. If he doesn’t go for it, The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder would be an obvious second choice for the part – he also has the right look and a built-in fan following.

The Sun has also picked a third long shot for the role in Henry Cavill. He’ll be starring in the new Superman movie Man of Steel, so with his star power on the rise, he could step in and snag the part.

If Ryan Gosling does decide to take the role, it will be interesting to see who gets cast as his Anastasia Steele. He and Emma Stone had such great chemistry that they got cast together in both Crazy Stupid Love and The Gangster Squad, so perhaps they could star together yet again. His The Ides of March costar Evan Rachel Wood might also be an option since she’s already done nude scenes. Pretty Little Liars costars Ashley Benson and Lucy Hale have both expressed an interest in the role, and of course there’s always Kristen Stewart or her lookalike, Elvis Presley’s granddaughter Riley Keough (she most recently starred in Magic Mike). Ryan and Elizabeth Olsen would also make a pretty pair.

So do you think that Ryan should pursue the part? And if he does, then who should be his Anastasia Steele?

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