Ryan Lochte: ‘Girlfriend’ K Michelle Claims Pair Are ‘Just Friends’ Not Lovers

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Ryan Lochte and his rumored girlfriend K Michelle are apparently trying to play down any idea that they are dating for fear it could ruin the 2012 Olympic swimmer’s image.

Despite their obvious differences, Ryan and K Michelle are good friends and have been for years. That was pretty obvious in a video clip in which K Michelle says that she is dating a “white boy” who is a swimmer and has 8 Gold Medals.

Now, however, she is back tracking on that comment and saying that, although Ryan is undeniably handsome, there is nothing romantic going on between them.

Speaking with Global Grind, K Michelle, who stars on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, set the record straight and let it be known that she is only friends with Ryan Lochte, not his girlfriend.

Her denial comes one day after Ryan reportedly said that he was worried being with K Michelle would hurt his image because she is too “ghetto”, and he doesn’t want to portray that kind of image, especially after the 2012 Olympics when he shot to fame.

But, if he and K Michelle are dating and he’s really into her, he should just come out and say it instead of trying to hide any feelings he has for her.

What do you think? Are Ryan Lochte and K Michelle dating? Are they just keeping a low profile due to the intense media interest in their relationship?

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