Ryan Lochte Strip-Searched by Fashion Police, Pees in Their Presence

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Olympian Ryan Lochte showed up on Fashion Police to share his sense of style and his sense of humor with these keen E! Entertainment Television fashion experts. While doing the show, he was wearing a crisp Ralph Lauren Black Label suit, and looked rather dapper, certainly a contrast to the wet-head he is when this champ is swimming.

While donning such finery, Lochte was grilled by head FP arbiter Joan Rivers, who didn’t leave any proverbial stone uncovered. In fact, the comedienne even went so far as to ask how much hair Olympians of Ryan’s stature and genre shave in order to get through the water as fast as possible.

That said, when Rivers inquired about the hair thing, she also asked if the areas around the private parts get shaved. Ryan spoke for himself, saying this is a personal preference and boldly admitted he shaves everything but the top his hair. So Joan had her answer, in spades.

When asked who he would like to get to know better from among his Olympics colleagues, Lochte, who may be a contender for an upcoming season of The Bachelor, said that would have to be American track and field star Lolo Jones.

So, since this hunky athlete seemed to be in the groove as far as beautiful women were concerned, Joan asked if Ryan would stay around for the next segment of Fashion Police which is called “Starlet or Streetwalker.”

He was happy to oblige, and chimed in on every aspect of the game that determines if an image is that of a person who sells herself for a living or is a person who sells her ability to act on stage and/or screen.

While played, Ryan’s answers turned out to be quite astute as well as clever. For instance, when seeing a picture of a very provocative woman who let it all hang out, Ryan guessed this was an image of “Snooki going to church.” (In fact, it was a picture of Vanessa Hudgens.)

After the game was over, Joan Rivers pressed Ryan Lochte once asked a very pertinent question of this affable man who eventually wants to design men’s apparel. She asked what he was wearing underneath his Ralph Lauren suit.

The swimmer didn’t hesitate to answer, saying he had his Speedo on. But, that wasn’t enough for Joan. She wanted to actually witness proof of this claim.

And so, Ryan stripped. He took off his pants and revealed a red, white and blue Speedo. But Rivers wasn’t satisfied with just that much skin showing so she urged Lochte to remove more clothing. He did, taking off his shirt to lots of gasps at the ability to witness his amazing physique. He even took off his socks and shoes, exclaiming at the end, “Now I’m comfortable.”

But this still wasn’t enough for Joan. She asked the athlete if he trusted her, and then, while admitting he was a fool to do so, proceeded to take him on a long walk back stage, through the studio, out onto the courtyard, across the hot cement flooring outside and into a small pool of water that was actually a fountain.

At that point, she said to her companion as they both jumped in. “Tell me the truth. Are you peeing?”

He said yes, and she said she was too. And so, at the end of the day, both the head judge of FP and the special guest left a memorable impression.

With that said, did you watch Ryan Lochte strip and then pee on Fashion Police? Did you enjoy his appearance on the E! Entertainment show? Please weigh in.

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