Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively Married… or Not!?

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Are Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively really married? If they are, then wow! The thing is, thanks to an incorrect police report and the hunger of several tabloids to break the news, Ryan and Blake may be “married” on paper, but they are not really married.

According to Gossip Cop all the stories from various outlets about Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively being married are completely wrong. As a matter of fact all of this boils down to a bad word choice by a cop. In a police report he incorrectly referred to Blake as Ryan’s “wife.”

Talk about a big oops. An error like this for celebrity gossip is akin to a newspaper printing that Dewey defeated Truman. Well, maybe not quite that important, but still, it is pretty funny. The thing is, sources close to the couple are quick to set the record straight, claiming that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively aren’t married at all.

The only question is… would it really matter if they had eloped and were secretly married?

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