Ryan Reynolds, Charlize Theron Break-Up! Did He Play Her?

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It was over before it began for Ryan Reynolds and Charlize Theron. After barely two months of dating, Reynolds and Theron ended their summer love affair. Why did it end so soon?

Ryan reynolds-2According to one source, it had to do with the fact that Ryan Reynolds did not want to settle down again, right after his divorce, but Charlize was looking for commitment.

He only wanted something casual, but she’s in a rush to settle down, have kids and start a family since she’s getting older.

Did Charlize just get played? This looks like a two-month summer, rebound relationship for Ryan Reynolds. The two apparently had known each other for years, but come on Ryan! The way this looks, the 34-year-old Reynolds never intended to get serious with Theron.

Ryan looks like he was interested in having a “fling” and took advantage of the 36-year-old Theron who was looking for something a little more serious. At least he dumped her after two months, instead of letting it drag on. Then again, she could have nipped this in the bud at the beginning and not get sucked-in by someone looking for an easy target.

Perhaps the perfect storm of Theron being desperate to settle down and Reynolds looking to bounce back made for this brief hookup.


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