Ryan Reynolds, Charlize Theron dating in secret?

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Ryan Reynolds, Charlize Theron and other star celebs like them tend to have more in common that you might think. One thing is dating hotties; another is a proclivity for doing good deeds. The New York Post and US Weekly recently revealed Hollywood movie stars Reynolds and Theron might be dating in secret. Both celebrities are absolutely gorgeous, but beyond what most likely is amazing physical chemistry–do these two celeb sweethearts have what it takes to become more than private friends with benefits or future amicable exes?

Ryan Reynolds divorce from Scarlett Johansson finalized… on to Charlize?

Maybe it’s true that gentlemen prefer blondes–or at least men who star as comic book super heroes in action adventure movies. The hunky Hollywood actor from X-Men: Wolverine Origins and Green Lantern was allegedly spotted leaving the celebrity home of actress Charlize Theron (Monster, Reindeer Games) in the weeks following his celebrity divorce. Previously married to hot blonde Scarlett Johansson (Iron Man 2), the two were spotted out having a post-divorce dinner at Little Dom’s restaurant in Los Angeles, California according to Shockya, a celebs gossip website.

Who are Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson dating?

The television actor turned blockbuster movie star after appearing in Van Wilder spent time during his separation with divorced brunette buddy Sandra Bullock. The two star celebs co-starred in The Proposal, but sadly no romance happened between them (according to confessions by each). Scarlett Johansson kept her feet warm through the celebrity divorce with older actor Sean Penn (Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Milk). Their dating has grossed out more than one fan, as he’s old and not particularly attractive in the face. However, he is a big humanitarian who has done great things to help Haiti and she (like the ex-couple’s mutual friend Sandy) is eco-friendly and (apparently) into guys with muscular bodies. Inside sources are speculating that Reynolds might be dating Theron to get over the sting.

Who is Charlize Theron?

If the rumors are true and Ryan Reynolds is dating Charlize Theron, that’s big news in celeb gossip circles. Actress Charlize Theron is well-known and liked as a Hollywood celebrity, and both she and Ryan Reynolds share a passion for going green. While he lobbies for the use of clean energy, she has been busy auctioning herself off on dates with the proceeds going to charity. While most guys know her as the hot chick who dressed up as a cable repairman while playing the daughter of actor Donald Sutherland, has a mean right hook, and ended up playing the love interest of actor Mark Wahlberg in the movie The Italian Job, ladies remember her from the chick flick movie Sweet November with actor Keanu Reeves. Ah, the tough life of star celebs! Make great movies by day, spend the night dating celebrities.

Celebrity couple news about Ryan Reynolds, Charlize Theron dating

Neither camp has verified if they are romantically involved, but early predictions about the celeb gossip world show that if they are, fans would support the union much more than the thought of Johansson dating Penn or Reynolds dating Green Lantern co-star Blake Lively (Gossip Girl).

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