Ryan Reynolds Takes Blake Lively Home for the Holidays

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Ryan Reynolds hasn’t always been lucky in love, despite his dashing good looks and successful career. This time, though, with Blake Lively, things are looking good as they heat up, with Reynolds taking Lively home to Vancouver to potentially meet his family over the holidays.

The couple, who have already been caught in the act on both coasts, have now taken their new-ish love up to Canada, to Reynolds’ hometown of Vancouver, where his parents and brother still live. The pair were seen visiting many area hot spots, including The Original Cupcake Shop and Benny’s Bagels, as well as Fourth Street shopping boutique Gravity Pope.

As for the impression that Ryan Reynolds and his gal made on those witnessing the encounters, it was definitely a positive venture.

Ryan Reynolds

“[They were] super nice to work with. You can just tell they were together and very happy,” said one person. Another commented that they “seemed like a really sweet couple.”

Looks like Blake Lively has passed the locals test. Will she do as well with Ryan Reynolds’ family?

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