Ryan Reynolds: Was Scarlett Johansson ‘Overcritical’ of Relationship?

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Maybe it wasn’t Ryan Reynolds’ fault for his divorce from Scarlett Johansson. Perhaps it was ScarJo who pushed Reynolds away by being what she is terming as “overcritical” about Ryan and the relationship.

Did Scarlett Johansson just admit that she was too picky and a nagged Ryan too much?

In a recent interview ScarJo finally is spilling the beans a bit about her former husband, and in a way blames herself for the split:

I will only tell you this: I can be overcritical — with myself and with other people. And I don’t compromise . . . I pass judgment on people quite quickly. If I don’t agree with someone or if I’m annoyed I will tell people to their face — no matter how hurtful that might be. That can get me into trouble from time to time.

In other words, ScarJo is a nag and Ryan Reynolds never had a chance.

She won’t go further than that about Ryan Reynolds, but from the sounds of it Scarlett Johansson can be a bit of a pill, and a tough one to swallow at that.

So a warning to all the men out there (including Joseph Gordon-Levitt) do Scarlett says: take out the trash, pick up after yourself, and don’t let the relationship stagnate. If not Scarlett Johansson is so impatient she will tell it how it is, without any filter!

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