Ryans Buffet: Locations Will Be Closing Due to Under-performance

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Ryans Buffet is a good place to get a quick meal. Their selections are not as diverse as other buffet restaurants such as Golden Corral, but for the cost of a meal you could leave Ryans with a full tummy. They always had a huge supply of fried chicken and mashed potatoes and their salad fixings were pretty good.

The parent company, Buffets Inc., has filled for bankruptcy. They announced that they will be closing many Ryan’s Buffet locations, 81 to be exact. The locations will be closed due to under-performance. In this economy, the location that isn’t producing is often on the top list for closure. A restaurant, or any business, has to have customers and if not, they have to be done away with.

Mike Andrews, CEO of Buffets said in a statement, “While closing these under-performing restaurants is a necessary part of our restructuring and improving our business. We deeply regret the impact on our dedicated associates in those restaurants that will be closed.”

It is never a good thing to realize that people will be out of a job, but unfortunately that is business. If you are a fan of Ryan’s Buffet, hopefully the location you frequent will remain open. If not, then you will do what you have to do and move on.

The list of Ryan’s locations that will be closed has not been released as of yet. However, the Cleveland, Tennessee location information has been removed from the company’s website. That is a good indication that the Cleveland, TN Ryan’s Buffet will be closing soon.

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