Saanvi Venna Died in Botched Ransom Attempt

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Ten-month-old Saanvi Venna died during what was supposed to be a $50,000 kidnapping. It seems that Raghunandan “Raghu” Yandamuri had plans of securing a ransom out of the child’s disappearance but accidentally killed her and her grandmother while trying to execute his plans. The horrific details below are sad, and explain what happened the day the little baby went missing.

“Raghu” allegedly dropped baby Saavni Venna during a struggle with the knife and her grandmother. This is where things went from bad to horribly wrong. The child was badly injured in the fall, but it’s unclear if it is what killed her. He claimed to have covered her mouth and carried her out of the home in a suitcase. She was later found in a basement sauna bathroom in a bloody white dress.

The details between him leaving the apartment with Saanvi Venna till the moment she was found dead are blurry, but probably for good reason. It’s good that the suspect has appeared to have admitted what happened so now justice can be had for the child’s family.

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