Saavni Venna Update: Baby Remains Missing as Details Emerge

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Missing baby Saavni Venna still hasn’t been found, and her Amber Alert is still active after she was reported kidnapped on Monday. There are more details surfacing in this already tragic case, and they give a peak into the lives of the missing child’s family. Meanwhile, FBI agents are still working hard on finding what happened to the abducted 10-month-old baby and who might have her while the clock keeps on ticking.

Satayvathi Venna, the 61-year-old grandmother of the missing child, was found murdered with the child missing. She was visiting from India, having been in the States since the summer months, and was expected to go back home in January. So it doesn’t seem that the woman had enough time to make any enemies in the area. An autopsy is being conducted on her body before a cause of death is released.

There are also reports that the family were planning on moving from their Upper Merion home due to “safety concerns.” What safety concerns are these? Was this a bad neighborhood, or did they in fact have enemies in the area that knew where they lived?

The murder of Satayvathi and the abduction of Saavni Venna took place sometime between 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., Monday morning. So police have a time frame to work with in regards to questioning neighbors and any potential witnesses. It just seems odd that this murder and kidnapping took place, and there appear to be no witnesses to the crime. Did anyone not even hear a struggle? Was a gun used or some other weapon?

Hopefully baby Savvni is okay and is located safely before this case spirals out of control any further than it already has.

Photo: The Times Herald

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