Saavni Venna Update: What ‘Safety Concerns’ Does Family Face?

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Missing baby Saavni Venna still hasn’t been found and it doesn’t look like investigators are any closer to finding out what happened to her. Meanwhile, there have been some new details released — such as the identity of the mother who hasn’t yet spoken to the media since the child was abducted and her grandmother found murdered. The father of the missing child is also continuing his pleas to the public for information regarding his child’s whereabouts.

Posts here on Gather News have asked about the mother’s whereabouts during all of this uproar over her child’s disappearance and her mother-in-law’s murder. Her name has been released: Chenchu Latha Punuru. She and the child’s father are immigrants from India, having lived here now for around five years. For some reason they’ve moved all over the country in the short amount of time that they’ve lived here; San Antonio, Cleveland, and even Troy, Michigan. There are even reports claiming the family had plans of moving again in the near future due to “safety concerns.” What’s with all the moving from place to place, and what are these so called “safety concerns?”

It’s also curious that the mother, Chenchu Latha Punuru, hasn’t spoken to the media over the disappearance of the 10-month-old child, but the girl’s father has been a complete wreck, publicly pleading for her return. The woman is probably inconsolable, and unable to speak publicly, right? At least there are other family members who are being vocal for the sake of 10-month-old Saavni Venna (also spelled Saanvi Venna in some reports). One of the child’s uncles flew to the Upper Merion family’s home from California to be with them during this time of need, and even demanded publicly that the suspect(s) return the missing baby.

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