Sacred White Buffalo Born on Texas Ranch

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American Indian leaders around the nation are contemplating the birth of a white buffalo calf. The male, born on May 12th during a thunderstorm, is said to be only the third on record to be born without any active breeding efforts. The last verified white buffalo, named “Miracle,” was born in 1994 and gave birth to four calves before dying in 2004.

Arby Little Soldier, a Lakota whose great-grandfather was the legendary Sitting Bull, is the proud owner of the ranch on which little Lightning Medicine Cloud was born. He said that a white bison is extremely rare in nature, even more rare than an albino buffalo. To be considered sacred, a white buffalo must fulfill the following criteria: The fur must be white, the nose must be black, and it must have dark eyes and a dark tip at the tail. Lightning Medicine Cloud fits all of these requirements.

Several American Indian cultures believe this type of bison portends future events, and therefore, tribal leaders will soon descend upon Little Soldier’s ranch to determine what the calf’s purpose and message is. The prophecy could be exceptionally important, given the fact that the calf was born during a thunderstorm.

Because this is, according to several tribes, the third white buffalo born, it means the next one born will portend the end times. So, at least the world is not going to end any time soon. Harold Camping, take note. Nothing is happening, at least not until that fourth one is born.

Those who say that Lightning Medicine Cloud isn’t technically the third white calf born would be right. The Sacred World Peace Church and Alliance has a herd of 14 white bison as a result of selective breeding. While these might be considered sacred in their own right, they aren’t considered prophetic messengers due to human involvement.

Sacred White Buffalo Born in Texas.

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