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Look at this beauty below!!!! She is at the Delano shelter in CA, she was set to be

gassed on 02/15 which was Monday, but she is still with us!!!!! Someone found

her on dogsindanger.com when she had less then 2 days left to live…

the shelter was called on begged to give her some more time, so transport to her

new home could be arranged… she will be leaving CA, beginning of next month.

Since she was saved, the shelter gave the other 5 dogs, which where also set to

to be gassed on 02/15 another week to find new homes. 2 of them were adopted

a few days later.

so please guys, if someone is looking for a new family pet, check out:


put in your state and look for your new friend. if you adopt one of the ones in

danger of being PTS, you will also help buy other dogs time!!!

dont close your eyes, just because you dont want to know about it, does not

mean it happens… many dogs and cats are killed daily, some of them are killed

by Heartstick, which is extremely cruel…

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