Sage Stallone Autopsy: Were Drugs the Cause of Sylvester Stallone’s Son’s Death?

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The Sage Stallone autopsy results are still pending, but many have speculated that an overdose on prescription medication may have been the cause of Sylvester Stallone’s son’s death. The mystery behind Sage’s death will remain unsolved for at least another month or so, as the results of post-mortem toxicology tests typically take about six weeks to surface.

While an autopsy has already been performed on the 36-year-old Stallone, who was discovered dead in his Los Angeles-area home on Friday, a spokesman for the LA County Coroner told CNN that results of the autopsy will not be released until the final toxicology results come through.

Stallone, who was noted for his reclusive behavior in his final weeks, was originally thought to be dead for several days before his body was discovered. While initial reports forecasted the cause of his death to be suicide, newly discovered information—incuding the fact that no suicide note was found, he was set to marry his fiancée in Las Vegas this weekend and, at least according to his attorney, he never drank alcohol or showed signs of any drug use or addiction—perhaps counters those initial claims. Whatever the true cause of death, respect should certainly be shown to his grieving family in these trying circumstances and no one should rush to judgment.

Sage Stallone appeared with his father in 1990’s Rocky V and again in 1996’s Daylight. He also directed a 2006 film, Vic, that was shown at several high profile film festivals. Thoughts go out to his mother, Sasha, and father, Sly Stallone.

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