Saint Angelina: Jolie as the Mistress of Reinvention

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From wild to weird to  – wonderful?  That is the path that Angelina Jolie seems to have followed in her role as Mistress of Reinvention.  It is difficult to recall another celebrity who has so dramatically transformed her image as Jolie.  And in the process of transforming her image, she appears to have transformed herself.

The Sunday Times describes Ms. Jolie’s transformation as going “from sinner to saint.”  In most respects, this is true.  Her difficult childhood has been well documented:  her parents divorced when she was 6 months old, she grew up feeling like an outsider, and she had bouts of depression and self-mutilation.  She had two marriages:  an early one to actor Jonny Lee Miller and a later (and weirder) one to actor Billy Bob Thornton.  Along the way, she experimented with heroin, cocaine, LSD, and sadomasochism.  She wore vials of Billy Bob’s blood around her neck and tattoed his name on her arm and private parts.  Not exactly qualifications for sainthood.

According to The Sunday Times, she and Billy Bob grew apart – she towards sainthood and he towards who knows what – when she traveled to Cambodia to shoot Lara Croft.  She saw refugees living in camps and asked the U.N. Commissioner for Refugees what she could do to help.  They sent her to more camps to raise awareness of the issue.  Her visits “completely changed my life”, as reported by The Sunday Times.  Her new sense of purpose led to the end of her marriage, a new career as a community activist, and a new life as the mother of six and the partner of Brad Pitt.

Is it real?  Has she really become “Saint Angelina,” or is this yet another phase of a tumultuous and unguided life?  My guess is that as long as Brad Pitt stays in the picture with her, she will be in a pretty stable place.  Brad comes from an intact family – his folks are around a lot with their children and provide strong role models for the couple.  He appears to provide security and partnership for Angelina Jolie as she continues to establish her place in the world.  Will it last?  Only time will tell.  What do you think?

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