Salem, Mass. Photo Essay, July 2011

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The town square, near the old Hawthorne Hotel, a beautiful grande damn of a hotel.

First Church, Unitarian Universalist, Salem, MA.

We got a good view from the parking lot. Parking lots are tres cheap.
And not crowded.

Self-explanatory. Went a few years ago. I am jaded because I live here and I’ve been here more than a few times. The first two or three times you come to Salem, it is awesome. First-timers to this museum love it.

I preferred the bewitching shops, and found a fantastic rock-necklace store I will probably order online from at some point.

Now, why don’t I know what this is?

Another view of the First Church, Unitarian Universalist Church. These churches were originally Congregationalist or early Puritan meeting houses.

The Woman’s Friend Society,  1876 – 1984. Poignant.

An actor in the outdoor play, “Cry Innocent.”  Plays of recreated trials are played in the local witch memorial square.  First timers love it.

I was fortunate to catch the actors in a happy dance before they began their play. Audience members decide if the accused is innocent or to be hanged.

Adorable on a side street.

It was cold and rainy the entire two hours we were there. But the flowers are adorable.

Not only is Lorelei dressed to kill, but so is Bowser. Hope she gives good love and not bad luck.

Out the car window on the way back. This was close to the House of Seven Gables, which was so large I couldn’t fit it in.

Masts and more masts. For Barbary Chaapel.

Thanks for visiting Salem.

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