Salma Hayek Busts Out on Set of New Movie

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Salma Hayek showed off her busty figure Tuesday on the set of her new movie, prancing around in a form-fitting red dress and heels. By the way, the whole professional look really suits her.

The Mexican actress seems to be making a comeback lately, and seems to be appearing all over the place. Her new film, Grown Ups 2 (who knew there was a Grown Ups 1?) also featuring Taylor Lautner and Adam Sandler, is set to come out next year.

She was snapped several times Tuesday while on the set of the movie, and in a couple of the shots, seems annoyed her picture is being taken. Being constantly followed around by paparazzi has to be irritating for these Hollywood actresses sometimes.

Regardless, Hayek still looks her curvetastic self at 45 years old. Her vegan diet and workout routine are definitely working. But it shows you, even in the youth-obsessed United States, an actress can still be a sex symbol well into her forties if she takes good care of herself.

Hayek is married to Francois-Henri Pinault, and have a daughter together.

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