Salman Khan and Bipasha Basu: A New Romance in the Making?

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Does Salman Khan have a new lady love? It sure seemed like romance was in the air when a handful of fans spotted him having a cozy dinner with none other than the Bombshell of Bollywood: Bipasha Basu. lucky fans broke the news of the couple on Twitter, with several tweeting at Bipasha about having seen her at Basilico with Salman. One of the more humorous tweets read “Went to a restaurant in Bandra today. C-bag, Salman and Bipasha were all there. C-bag was not with them.”

C-bag, of course, is a nickname for Chetan Bhagat, author of the popular novels One Night @ the Call Center, 2 States, Five Point Someone, and others. He’s also apparently not very popular with the Twitter crowd, as some of the other messages about him were pretty scornful.

Chetan Bhagat aside, what were Salman Khan and Bipasha doing together at an expensive restaurant? There are rumors that she may be interested in doing an item number for one of his films, but the details of that story are almost a year old.

Were they together romantically? After all it was just last week when Bipasha Basu declared that most men were losers (which prompted an idiotically childish attack from fame whore Poonam Pandey). Sounds like she’s well over John Abraham by now…maybe she’s decided to start dating someone who can actually get her someplace in the industry for a change! Bollywood? Want 24/7 updates on your favorite actors and actresses? Subscribe to Renee Shah’s Bollywood on Facebook today for interviews, news, videos, photos, and more!

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