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Cooking Enthusiast® Features A Fun and New Way to Grill and Entertain with

Himalayan Salt Blocks

NORTH BRANFORD, Conn. (August 19, 2009) – Himalayan Salt Blocks impart an intriguing depth of flavor and presentation unlike any other cooking, grilling, and serving technique. The Himalayan Salt Block acts as a skillet, cooking your food while infusing delicious flavor and natural minerals into your favorite grilling recipes. This salt block can also be used in the oven or chilled to add some tasty fun when serving vegetables, appetizers and sushi. The Himalayan Salt Block is one of Cooking Enthusiast’s BBQ essentials and is great for both indoor and outdoor entertaining.


This organic tool, available at, is great for cooking steak, fish, prawns, and chicken. Simply place the salt block on the grill at low heat, gradually increasing the flame intensity until it reaches the desired temperature. Place your favorite grilling foods directly onto the salt block, and while they cook, the salt deposits will give your meal a soft and delicate flavoring.

A retailer of high quality cookware and gourmet foods for the passionate cook,, offers a rediscovered resource that has been in existence for almost 500 million years. This versatile cooking sensation retains heat and cold depending how it is used. The durable salt block can withstand temperatures of up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit, and becomes colder than ice when placed in the freezer. The Himalayan Salt block is easy to clean and naturally anti-microbial.

Unlike regular salt, the Himalayan salt does not require chemical processing and therefore retains all of its 84 natural minerals.  The elevated levels of iron give the salt its elegant pink coloring, and provide added health benefits.  The Himalayan Salt Block is delivered to the customer in the most organic form; there are absolutely no preservatives or additives, simply salt at its greatest level of purity.

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Started in 1993, Cooking Enthusiast® originally mailed catalogs under the name "Professional Cutlery Direct" and educated the consumer about high-end kitchen cutlery and knives. Today the breadth of the assortment spans all areas including gourmet fo

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