Samantha Brick Claims Women Hate Her Because She’s Beautiful and Becomes a Sensation

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Who is Samantha Brick?

Captains provide her with free bottles of champagne on flights. Women won’t make her one of their bridesmaids out of fear that she’ll outshine them on their wedding days. And complete strangers present her with bouquets of flowers on the street. She is the most beautiful woman in the world—or at least you would think that from what she wrote about her life in the Daily Mail.

Ms. Brick has become an internet sensation thanks to an article she wrote for the Mail, a literary masterpiece that has gotten over 1.5 million views. It was such a success that the Daily Mail wrote a follow-up piece boasting about how much attention it got. So what is it about Samantha Brick’s article that made it an internet sensation?

In it the 41-year-old writer claims that men have bought her drinks, train tickets, flowers, and cab fare simply because of her beauty and her smile. However, the blonde bombshell claims that there’s a downside to all this attention—women hate her for being beautiful. According to Samantha, they shun her and make fun of her, even pushing her around when taking photos so she won’t dominate the picture. In the article Samantha first claims that she’s not a flirt, but later on admits to flirting with men to get ahead at work. This might be one of her problems—she sees herself in a different light than other people do.

In the article she paints a picture of a woman who must look like a supermodel and act like a saint, but she’s no Angelina Jolie—Samantha is tall and blonde and decent-looking, but she’s not as special as she makes herself seem. Perhaps it’s not really her looks that irk so many women, but the way she acts around them. It’s also kind of hard to imagine many women wanting to be friends with the kind of person that writes an article about how beautiful they are—people generally don’t like being around someone who is full of themselves.

It’s hard to know exactly what’s going on with Samantha Brick since only her side of the story is presented. It’s always possible that she’s imagining or over-exaggerating all the hate she gets from other women, or maybe she just surrounds herself with awful people. Women also might not like her because she has a bad personality trait like being snobbish, nosy, obnoxious or overbearing, not just because of the way she looks.

But it is true that women can be mean to someone who is more beautiful than them, which has a lot to do with why celebrities will be picked apart on the internet for little things—even Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model Kate Upton got picked apart by some for being too fat for the cover of the magazine.

Some women have defended Samantha, but unfortunately she’s probably made herself more unpopular with her kind by talking about how difficult her beauty has made her life. Some women probably see her article as little more than an excuse to brag about it, while women less attractive than her will be annoyed with her for complaining about her looks.

But if Samantha was simply looking for more attention, she certainly got it. Maybe that was her plan all along—instead of being a beleaguered beauty, maybe she’s just a very skilled troll (the internet kind, of course).

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