Samantha Koenig Evidence: FBI States the Obvious

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The latest break in the Samantha Koenig investigation came last night when FBI agents towed away a white aluminum outbuilding belonging to Israel Keyes. Now detectives on the case are discussing the recent piece of evidence, but they’re “stating the obvious.”

On Saturday, FBI agents and detectives with the Anchorage Police Department examined the shed that was removed from Keyes’ property last night. Although many details are not being released, it has been confirmed that the evidence is directly related to the disappearance of Samantha Koenig.

Eric Gonzalez of the FBI said the following:

“Obviously we’re processing the shed with APD. This is obviously tied to the abduction of Samantha Koenig. This is a joint investigation. We’re working very closely with each other. Unfortunately, because it’s still ongoing, we’re just limited about what we can say. Clearly, we’ll state the obvious.”

In other words, nothing to see here folks. That’s just standard procedure in investigations like these. They took the shed all in one piece to have a “controlled environment” in which to analyze the evidence. So what is in the shed? Did they find something that indicated a connection to Samantha? Perhaps some DNA or other forensic evidence was found, causing them to need the entire shed for analysis?

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