Samantha Kuberski, commits Suicide at 6 Years Old.

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A six year old baby girl, Samantha Kuberski of McMinnville, Oregon hanged herself today.  How a 6 year old would even know of such an act is beyond me.  Samantha Kubreski was sent to her her room.  She threatened to kill herself, but her parents thought nothing of it.

She went in the room, tied a belt arouond her neck and hanged herself.  The parents  are in disbelief and no charges have been filed.  Who would think a child of six and in 2 days 7 years old, would have the wherewithal to hang herself?

Samantha Kuberski, 6, of McMinnville, Oregon has the dubious distinction of being the youngest person to commit suicide in the State of Oregon.

My deepest sympathies to the parents. 

The state has declared it a suicide.

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