Samantha Shaw, 7, Gets Plastic Surgery to Avoid Bullies (Video)

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A 7-year-old girl named Samantha Shaw got plastic surgery because her mother feared bullies. The young girl has cup ears that protruded, and one of which also exhibited the condition known as lop ear. Did the family go too far?



The little girl had been teased over her ears, and her parents finally decided that surgery to ‘fix’ the issue was the only solution. The procedure is called otoplasty where the ears are pinned back. This is extreme at such a young age, and going under the knife is not exactly completely safe. There are many complications that can occur, and the girl’s mother reported that the anesthesia made her daughter ill.

Little Samantha Shaw took her first plane ride ever on her journey to the Big Apple where she got her new ears from Dr. Steven Pearlman. The Little Babyface Foundation helped ensure that the little girl’s plastic surgery was free. This group helps provide this type of procedure for children who need it.

The 7-year-old has endured being called monkey ears in her short life, and her mom said that adults were the worst at calling out the unusual feature. She was thrilled about getting the surgery and when she had healed, Samantha Shaw also appeared to really love how her ears had turned out, which is good news for her. It does seem like not being self-conscious about her ears will help Samantha’s self-confidence.

What do you think? Were big ears that stuck out a reason to get plastic surgery at such a young age? It wasn’t affecting her hearing, but her mother felt it was affecting her personality. The video below is the GMA interview about the unusual procedure.

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