Samantha–The Good Girl on 16 and Pregnant!

What constitutes a “good girl” today?

I know it used to be that the girl who got pregnant in high school was stigmatized, but nowadays since Juno and shows much like the MTV show: 16 and Pregnant, that is no longer the case. I thought this show or episode was, in particular, was interesting because in the info section about it, the show described Samantha, as a pregnant, teenage “good girl.” I think what MTV’s definition of the “good girl” pregnant teen is the one who wasn’t known for ditching school or partying excessively, it was a girl who got good grades and showed potential and promise–which makes sense! Samantha really did seem like a good girl, a bit naive, okay very naive, but still good. Even while she was pregnant she still attended school and participated in a program called “Homeward Bound” which was much like homeschooling for six weeks after the baby was born and then she returned to school, and even had the plan to go to community college. She took initiative. The only thing is she didn’t obey her parents and I’m sure at first she thought that they were just trying to ruin her fun and keep her away from her boyfriend, but really it was a protection because her mom had been a teen mom too.

I wish she would have read more baby books because in her actual labor, which she thought would be easy and not painful (I have no clue why she thought this), because she would have been more knowledgeable to each step in the labor process and not so surprised. She literally screamed her head off and was knocking stuff over, and she wasn’t breathing like she should have been. She just didn’t seem prepared. In her defense her labor wasn’t really going as planned because her body was prepared for a vaginal delivery and she ended up having to have a c-section.

As for taking care of baby girl, Jordynn post labor, she seemed to do an excellent job. She did not anticipate how having a baby would change the dynamic of her “puppy love” relationship with her boyfriend. She was in shock that he wanted to be a teenage boy and work and play and not be super helpful with the baby. The bottomline that these girls, and girls in the future need to realize is it’s not like having a baby doll or a toy to dress up that eats and sleeps when you want it to; it’s a baby! The baby is a new human life and demands an extensive amount of time and attention. This time and effort is something that a developing child, teenager, young adult is short of because they are still growing and maturing themselves.

This show still amazes me when I happen to catch it because the kids on it end up saying: “my parent’s were right” or “I should have waited or at least should have been more careful. I didn’t think it would happen to me.”

This show is a warning so hopefully there won’t be anymore seasons of 16 and pregnant because hopefully these teens and young adults will wake up to opportunities and possibilities outside of just sex!


What did you think of Samantha and her experience as a pregnant teen?

Did you think she was a”good girl?”


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