Same-sex marriage ban votes meaningless in Virginia thanks to lone black female judge

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Two weeks after the mayor of Sochi insisted “We do not have them (gays) in our city,” the voters in the state of Virginia is learning that a gay couple from California has more pull with a Norfolk federal judge than they do when it comes to same-sex marriage. On Valentine’s Day one of those prominent voters spoke out against the ruling, stating that “Regardless of one’s stance on marriage, the people of Virginia were disenfranchised by this ruling as our voice and our vote that amended our Constitution have been rendered meaningless by a single federal judge, with the assistance of our own attorney general,” Victoria Cobb said.

Cobb is the President of the Family Foundation of Virginia, and her reaction to the judge’s ruling on the Va. gay ban is understandable, as what is the point of asking citizens to vote on issues and then letting those majority votes be overridden by a lone judge. It defeats the whole purpose and mentality of “we the people” doesn’t it?

Homosexual marriage is a controversial topic. But it becomes even more so when a judge who wasn’t even born in the state in question makes such a controversial ruling, overthrowing the will of the people who have lived there a lot longer. And hopefully the federal court will recognize that, since the will of the people should stand when it comes to laws and their legislative process.

The worst of the matter appears to be the fact that two of the women behind the push for the ban to be ruled unconstitutional didn’t use to live in Virginia either. And they were married in California, where other voters have their will stepped on by a lone judge, too. How’s that for democracy?

If you believe in same-sex marriage, or the right of those who practice it to marry one another, you should also believe that they should not try to force others to accept their lifestyle choice by undermining the legislative process through the judicial system. It will not help their cause at all. But it will likely make others resent them even more.

So while the Sochi mayor says there are no gays here, a Virginia judge named Arenda Wright Allen says she thinks what gay couples want to do in Virginia is more important than what the state’s voters said they should be able to do.

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