Same UFO Shows Up on Two Different NASA Mars Photos (Video)

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A fantastic video posted to YouTube shows the same unidentified flying object in two separate, raw photos taken by the Curiosity rover on Mars and published to the NASA website.

In the video, posted below, two photos captured by Curiosity’s rear facing hazard cam have a distinctive, classic saucer shape as they appear to hover over the Martian landscape on the distant horizon.

The usual explanations for a UFO anomaly of this type don’t seem to fit. The objects are similar in size and saucer shape and, rather than looking like mere specs of dirt, they appear to be aerodynamic and flying through the air.

The UFO photos appear on NASA’s official Mars photo page in a raw, unedited and unretouched form. Is it possible some NASA technician was asleep at the switch and failed to edit the images prior to publication?

Whatever the explanation, it’s just another example of the mysteries that surround humanity in the universe, just waiting to be discovered and explained.

Here’s the video:

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