Sammi and Deena Engage in Twitter Feud!

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Sammi and Deena started off on the wrong foot when Deena was added to the cast of Jersey Shore during the third season. Deena was one of Snooki’s friends and, at first, she and Sammi just didn’t mix. However, they soon struck up a friendship and have been close ever since — until now, that is.

This morning, Deena retweeted a link to a photo of her new car and when Sammi saw it, she was not happy. Sammi drives a BMW and Deena’s new car also happened to be a BMW. “Imitation is flattery,” Giancola tweeted, and then continued with a photo, “My princess” As if that wasn’t enough, she took it a step further and tweeted, “Congrats to @DeenaNicoleMTV for her new car that looks EXACTLY like mine. #cantyougetyourownstyle it’s alright imitation is flattery.” Wow, talk about overkill! Sammi is being nothing short of cruel. Why is she taking it so badly that Deena has a BMW as well? Her boyfriend Ronnie Magro drives a BMW, has she given him this much grief?

Although she later acted as if it was all in good fun, no one was buying it — including Deena. She later posted a photo of her and Sammi’s cars side by side, saying, “Here u go side by side.. they arent exactly the same sam.. you being this immature is sad.. grow up! its a car SWEET HEART!”

For some reason, it seems as though Sammi and Deena is over much more than just a car and Deena’s right. They aren’t even the same model. Fortunately for fans, they might get to see what’s really going on with these two when the sixth season returns later this year.

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