Sammi and Ronnie are Back Together and ‘In Love’

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Sammi and Ronnie have one of the most on-again, off-again relationships in all of Hollywood. Fans of Jersey Shore never know what to expect when a new season begins—will they be together or won’t they? Now that season 6 has begun filming, fans will be excited to hear that they are back on!

A source tells Hollywood Life that the couple is “definitely” back together and “in love.” When they left after season 5, the couple was still together. However, shortly after the reunion was filmed, rumors that Ronnie was cheating hit the web, and the couple confirmed that they had split. The reason for the split was never confirmed or discussed.

“Ronnie and Sammi are completely in love and just needed time a part to realize how much they missed and need each other. They have never been happier,” the source continued.

Their relationship will sure make for good ratings. Fans will be dying to see if Sammi and Ronnie will make it through this season or not! Plus, will SamRon, as they are affectionately called, be as they were during season 5 (sans drama), or will they fall back into their old ways?

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